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  • 12 min 11 s sitten
    Gennadi osti
    Far Cry 4 (PC)
  • 1 tunti 9 min sitten
    nicolas osti
    Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One / Win10)
  • 1 tunti 13 min sitten
    Jüri osti
    Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One / Win10)
  • 2 tuntia 19 min sitten
    Maris osti
    UK PSN 50 GBP Lahjakortti
  • 2 tuntia 55 min sitten
    Raili osti
    UK PSN 50 GBP Lahjakortti
  • 2 tuntia 55 min sitten
    Raili osti
    UK PSN 50 GBP Lahjakortti
  • 3 tuntia 13 min sitten
    Ingmar osti
    Venäjä PSN 1500 RUB Lahjakortti
  • 3 tuntia 31 min sitten
    Heiko osti
    DiRT Rally 2.0 (PC)
  • 3 tuntia 50 min sitten
    Aleksandr osti
    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 kk (Xbox One & PC)
  • 3 tuntia 56 min sitten
    Markus osti
    Halo Wars 2 - Xbox One




Win an Xbox One S videogame console

Entering the draw is easy: just leave your first name and e-mail address in the fields below and you stand to win an Xbox One S! You can improve your chances of winning through a number of activities, each of which increases the number of your entries in the draw.

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Xbox One S 1TB videogame console + two controllers

Prize draw date:

The winner will be selected on November 9, 2020.


The organiser of the consumer game Halloween Giveaway
 (hereinafter ‘consumer game’) is Gamekeys OÜ, commercial registry code 12526262, (hereinafter ‘organiser’).

The consumer game is open to all users, except the organiser’s employees and other service personnel hired directly by the organiser in relation to the consumer game, as well as their family members.
Participants confirm that the personal details they have submitted to the organiser are correct and in compliance with the rules of the consumer game established by the organiser, that they wish to participate in the consumer game, and that they accept all terms and conditions established by the organiser for the consumer game.

The consumer game begins on 13th of October and lasts until 9th of November.
The winner will be announced on 9th of November.

The consumer game will be organised and carried out in the territory of Estonia. If the winner is not from Estonia, the prize will be shipped internationally.

To participate in the consumer game, the participant must fill out the prize draw form with their first name and e-mail address, upon which a user account will be created on the website Punktid.com. The submitted e-mail address may be used for sending systematic notifications to the account owner in the future, however it will not be used for sending newsletters or other promotional messages without prior consent.

The number of tickets in the prize draw can be increased through various actions, each of which will grant the participant one (1) additional ticket:
5.1 Subscribing to the newsletter
5.2 Sharing the page for the consumer game publicly on Facebook
5.3 Becoming a follower of Punktid_baltic on Instagram
All participants will be entered into the prize draw, even if they only submit their first name and e-mail address. 
If the organiser finds that a participant is in violation of these rules, the organiser has the right to remove the participant from the consumer game, including in cases where the organiser has reason to suspect that the participant is using a fake account.

The winner of theprize will be announced on 09/11/2020. The prize for the consumer game is an Xbox One S videogame console and two controllers. The prize is a demo console that has been booted up a few times at the Punktid.com office for testing.

The name of the prize winner shall be published on the organiser’s website at www.punktid.com.
To receive the prize, the winner must contact the organiser by e-mail at [email protected]. After receiving contact details, the organiser shall contact the winners and agree on the details of giving out the prizes. The name and a picture of each winner will be posted on the organiser’s website and Facebook and Instagram pages.
If the winner of a prize fails to contact the organiser within 14 calendar days, the organiser has the right to refuse to give out the prize.
If the organiser has managed to contact the winner and agree on the time and place of giving out the prize, but the winner fails to pick up the prize, rejects the prize upon notification, or fails to submit adequate documents to the organiser for verifying the winner’s identity, the organiser shall keep the prize available for two weeks. After this period, the winner shall lose their right to receive the grand prize or additional prize and the organiser shall have the right to refuse to give out the prize to that winner.
Winners will be contacted in order to agree on where to deliver the prizes. Costs related to the delivery of the prizes shall not be compensated by the organiser.
Prizes won by participants in the consumer game may not be substituted with another type of prize requested by the winner nor redeemed for cash, except if the prize is substituted with another prize of similar value by the decision of the organiser.